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Naita Munilaiti Sulunga

Naita Munilaiti Sulunga

January 2023

Campus Programs/Involvement: Alpha Alpha Alpha First Generation Honors Society, Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honors Society, TTS Program

Career Goal: My goal is to pursue a career in Homicide Investigation.

Hobbies: Digital/Traditional Art, Anime/Comics, Learning about diverse cultures, and baking.

How has the TTS Program helped you?
TTS has helped me become more involved on campus. As a transfer student, I felt a little bit disconnected because I initially had that commuter mindset when I attended community college at El Camino. But thanks to the TTS Program and wonderful mentors, I was to attend events and explore my resources on campus. I also received help from Marisol Duran, she looked over my academic progress to make sure I’m on the right track for graduation. She also helped me structure my resume for future job applications.

Favorite Movie: Howl's Moving Castle

Favorite Food: Caldo de Res(Mexican beef soup) and rice

Least Favorite Food: I don't have one. I love exploring all types of foods from different cultures.

Place you'd most like to travel to: I would love to travel to Tonga to learn more about my culture and family.

Describe yourself in three words: Resilient, Optimistic, Humble

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
My family is my foundation, growing up as a first-generation college student there are responsibilities that are much bigger than myself. Seeing all the adversities my grandparents have faced to sustain a life in a country foreign to their own has sparked a never-ending drive to do just the same but my own way. My family and my faith keep me grounded during times of struggle or uncertainty.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
Appreciate yourself and all that you’ve done to be where you are today. Take advantage of your resources and connections because it will only benefit your progress in achieving your life endeavors. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to apply to the Los Angeles police academy to become a police officer for at least five years. After meeting the work experience requirement I plan on applying for a detective position in the homicide investigations unit for one of the local police departments located in L.A. County.

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