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Our Teacher Support Institute supports CISE interns and residents from our credential programs. These teacher candidates come to TSI with a wide range of needs. These needs include lesson planning, classroom management ideas, university coursework, making sense of data, and other first-year teacher needs. Our TSI Leads are experts in their subject areas and are ready to help. Another way that our Lead teachers share their expertise is by offering customized Professional Development during the TSI sessions.

Please contact Dr. Kelly Meyers-Wagner with any questions or requests at 

Teacher Opportunities

Teacher Opportunities

Our team of experts specifically designed this intensive training for eligible participants to introduce a framework for implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with the use of innovative technology. Through this training, teachers will become well versed in NGSS will be able to implement NGSS based curricula and will serve as NGSS teacher leaders at their school site and district. Teachers will also qualify for a beginner certificate in fabrication technology, acquiring expertise in 3D printing and vinyl cutting.


Knowledge of developing NGSS-based lessons

Collaborative Google drive with shared resources

Practical experience in lesson study

Beginner Certification in Fabrication Technology

Currently not accepting applications

Super NGSS Training
STEM Lab School

To truly embrace the immersive approach of “learning by doing” CISE developed the STEM Lab School. The STEM Lab School is an innovative, 4-week clinical experience that leverages the common goals of our local districts, and teacher preparation by serving as a training ground for teacher candidates and providing local students with a summer STEM program. Since its creation, every CISE Teacher Candidate immediately begins to learn the art of teaching by planning and executing a Project-Based Unit of instruction at a local school, under the guidance of Lead Teacher, who is trained in best practices, has experience in a STEM subject matter, and is committed to mentoring aspiring teachers. We are proud to report that since the establishment of the STEM Lab School, in 2012, CISE has integrated the MFL Project and its array fabrication technology. In 2018, the MFL was integrated into the STEM Lab School model and piloted at Annalee Avenue Elementary, White Middle School and Gardena High School. The STEM Lab School, its administrators, experienced teachers, and teacher candidates have served over 7,670 elementary, middle, and high school LAUSD students since its founding. CISE and the STEM Lab School model has prepared over 350 Science, Math, English, Multiple Subject, and Special Education Teachers in partnership with LAUSD...

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Lab School

Because schools are struggling to develop authentic STEM curriculum that truly integrates Engineering and Technology, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the Common Core Standards, CISE STEM Experts, in unison with the MFL project, has developed STEAM Weeks that are designed to get students excited about STEAM while immersing them in project-based unit of instruction that authentically represents the fast-growing STEAM sector and its professions.  With the capabilities of the MFL, our team of experts is able to take technology to schools and provide a condensed STEAM Week, that like the STEM Lab School, provides students with an interdisciplinary, project-based experience, while serving as a model for participating teachers to adopt. STEAM Week has allowed us to bring exciting curricula, 3D printers, Vinyl, and Laser Cutters to schools so that students, teachers, and parents can begin experiencing sophisticated fabrication technology and software in their classrooms. Piloted with LAUSD during the Winter of 2018 with Judith Baca Learning Center, Graham Elementary STEAM Academy, and Moore Elementary, we are excited to report that STEAM Weeks have taken place at Wilmington Middle School, Gage Middle School, Los Angeles MESA Elementary, and Dominguez Elementary, and for a second time, at Graham Elementary STEAM Academy and Moore Academy since it’s pilot. Over 1,650 LAUSD students have participated in STEAM Weeks that have taken place at LAUSD schools.

STEAM Week/Day
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