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Our undergraduate programs


Guided Pathways for Stem

The Guided Pathways for STEM (GPS) program, funded by the DOEs Hispanic Serving Institute, is a partnership between CSU Dominguez Hills and Compton College, Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Southwest College and West Los Angeles College. GPS is dedicated to helping students achieve academic success and preparing scholars for future STEM careers. The two major goals of the program are to increase the number of Hispanic or low-income students attaining degrees from CSUDH in the STEM fields and to improve transfer and articulation agreements between CSUDH and GPS partner community colleges. Through this project we will recruit 150 freshmen entering CSUDH, and 160 transfer students from the four community colleges.

*For more information contact us or call (310) 243-2634.


TRAnsfer to Success

CSUDH will create Transfer to Success (TTS) to provide transfer students, particularly Hispanic and low-income transfer students, with support services that assist them in earning a degree more quickly and moving into graduate school, a teaching credential program or career. TTS has established three goals that align with the CSUDH Strategic Plan.


Goal 1 

Increase the number of Hispanic students attaining bachelor’s degrees.

Goal 2 

Increase the percentage of Hispanic students receiving master’s degrees and post baccalaureate teacher credentials.

Goal 3 

Increase collaboration with community colleges to facilitate transfers and prepare students to complete their bachelor’s degrees.


TTS will improve graduation and persistence for CSUDH’s largely underrepresented transfer students; increase graduate degrees and post baccalaureate teaching credentials earned by Hispanic students; and increase the number of students who transfer to CSUDH from three community colleges. Read more about this exciting project here.​


Math & Science Teacher Initiative

The Math & Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) is an innovative support program funded by the CSU Chancellor’s Office that focuses on preparing undergraduate students to become the most qualified teachers by providing academic, financial, and instructional support. The goal of MSTI is to recruit, prepare, support, and retain highly qualified elementary, middle and high school teachers to work within the communities served by CSUDH, especially in high-need schools. 


MSTI offers two pathways to teaching: 


Pathway 1: Single Subject Preliminary Credential

Pathway 2: Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential coupled with an Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA) or Foundational Level Credential. This gives future elementary teachers the option to expand teaching capacity to teach mathematics or science in classes where the curriculum level is twelfth-grade and below.


With both options, MSTI students have the opportunity to begin teaching in real-world classrooms even before they graduate with a paid Teaching Assistant position. Students may also choose to pursue their credential through one of our unique CISE credential programs.


Whichever path you choose, CSUDH’s CISE faculty and staff will help you select the appropriate pathway and coursework to reach your career goals.


If you’re ready to prepare yourself to become an amazing teacher, then join our MSTI Program. Take the first step here and RSVP for one of our informational sessions.


Women in STEM Education

The Women in STEM Education (WiSE) program was established by the Center for Innovation in STEM Education (CISE) at California State University, Dominguez Hills.  It is designed to inspire future generations of women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), by providing them with the necessary tools to retain their interest such as field trips to STEM-related organizations, STEM professionals, and role models to guide them.

If you're ready to become a WiSE member, then take the first step here. 

*Members under 18 years of age will need a parent consent form before attending the new member orientation. 

*This program is currently not  accepting applications. 


The Hispanic Serving Institute - STEM Scholars project is a partnership between CSUDH and El Camino, West L.A. and L.A. Harbor community colleges to improve students services, academic, and financial support for Hispanic and low-income STEM majors. The purpose is to increase student academic achievement in STEM and retention in college, and to decrease the time it takes students to earn a degree. STEM Scholars has recruited 220 total incoming freshmen, transfer juniors and CSUDH juniors to participate, as well as Second Chance students who were STEM majors but left CSUDH and are no longer enrolled in higher education.

*This program is currently not  accepting applications. 

STEM Scholars

The Noyce Scholars Program

The Noyce Scholars Program (NSP) is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Its purpose is to increase the number of highly qualified math/science teachers in hard-to-staff schools and to increase diversity in the math & science majors. This is a grant that will provide up to 10,000 per year to eligible upper division math or science majors enrolled in CSU Dominguez Hills. It will also monitor students to enable them to focus on their studies, maintain their grades, stay in school, complete their degree on time, and become successful math/science teachers. Candidates emerge from the Noyce Scholars Program with hands-on experience in a paid Teaching Assistant position under the guidance of teacher mentors. They also have the unique opportunity to transition to a CISE credential program upon completion of Noyce. CISE credential programs offer multiple options where student may earn a preliminary teaching credential in just one year or earn a preliminary teaching credential and Master’s degree in 15 months.

*This program is currently not  accepting applications. 

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