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Leslic Diaz

Leslic Diaz

April 2022

Leslic Diaz

Class Status: Senior 2022

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Campus Programs/Involvement: STEM scholars, Pre-health society, Phi Sigma Bio Honors Society
Career Goal: My career goal is to become a Surgeon

Hobbies: Taking my dog for hikes

How has the Program you are involved with helped you during your academic years here at Dominguez Hill?
The STEM program has opened many opportunities for me throughout my undergraduate career. Some possibilities that this program has given me are connections within my career that will benefit me in the future. Also, it has prepared me for future classes by offering summer classes known as summer bridge. This program and Noemi have been beneficial in my progress as a first-generation student. If it weren't for the STEM program or Noemi, I would be lost. I have matured as a person and learned a lot. They also allowed me to go to healthcare conferences and experience little simulations of how it is to be a medical student. I got my first job at the hospital. Thanks to Noemi for always being there.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
My parents, Family, and the individuals with medical needs.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
The advice I would give my fellow scholars is not to give up when times get tough. You can cry, be mad, or annoyed, but know that one day you'll look back and reminisce all those sleepless nights and say I made it. Keep on pushing and strive for what you want because you are the only one that can put limits on yourself. First-generation or not, you got this.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plan after graduation is to take the MCAT, apply to medical school, and hopefully get in.

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