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Emily Del Cid

Emily Del Cid

December 2022

Emily Del Cid
Grade level: Freshman
Major: Computer Science
Campus Programs: EOP and GPS
Career Goal: Software Engineer
Hobbies: Playing video games, listening to music, watching Twitch, and playing guitar.

How has GPS helped me?
GPS has helped me feel welcomed and it has helped me be less afraid of college because I know I have a success team that will always have my back whenever I have a question they are always open to answering them. Whenever I'm on campus and I have nowhere to go, I always go to the CSIE lounge to have a quiet place to do work or just chill while I wait for my classes to start and I feel very safe whenever I'm there.

What keeps me motivated and positive?
Thinking about what I want my future to look like keeps me motivated, and during life hardships, I like saying to myself that it will not always remain like this.

Advice for my fellow scholars:
Prioritize your mental health. Sometimes it's okay to stop climbing and build a tent to chill for a while.

Plans after graduation:
My plan after graduating is to have a stable job at a big company like Google or Microsoft so that I'm able to provide back for my family and get a place of my own with pets. I would also love to travel with my family to different countries.

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