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Aysa Monae Collins

Aysa Monae Collins

May 2022

Aysa Monae Collins

Class Status: Senior

Major: Health Science, Minor: Public Administration

Campus Programs/Involvement:
Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program, Trio Student Support Services, Tau Sigma National Honors Society, Transfer to Success, First Gen Toros, Transfer Toros Program, Thru in Two, Women's Resource Center GLOW Fall 2021 Intern, Office of Undergraduate Research

Career Goal:
My goal is to serve minoritized communities as a public health nurse and researcher. I want to combine my knowledge gained from my education and my personal experience as a frequent patient in the hospital to help increase the relationship between minoritized populations and healthcare, by changing the narrative of healthcare in communities. I would like to conduct research that improves maternal and infant outcomes and leads to solutions and cures for autoimmune diseases and chronic illness. In addition I would like to assist in developing public healthcare policies and hospital procedures. My career goals no longer include identifying a specific job title or public health agency because throughout my academic journey and personal experience as a patient in the hospital, I have discovered that public health is really about serving communities and working to improve individuals in the community's overall health and wellness. I find that sometimes focus is lost and I want to reinstall the importance of serving communities in public health.

Cooking, Baking, Watching movies, Listening to music and podcasts, Reading e-books, Spending time with my Mom, family and friends, work and homework!

How has the TTS Program helped you?
The TTS program has helped me in more ways than one. The support that I received as a transfer student is beyond words. I am so thankful for the academic, career, and personal advising I have received from the TTS team. The summer bridge workshops were critical in my transition to CSUDH and introduced me to the multiple opportunities I did not know where possible. I love that TTS recognizes that I am a whole person, and not just a student. I appreciate the entire TTS team for always reminding me to take time for self-care and checking in on me through my journey and offering their support where applicable.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
When I am struggling with staying motivated, I think of my grandfather, who did not allow any obstacles to stop him from providing for his family. He worked and provided for his children and grandchildren, ensuring they would have everything they needed. My grandfather's determination, and hardworking skills are in me. My diploma is not only an accomplishment for me but an accomplishment in my grandfather's honor.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
I know this is the advice often given, but read your emails (and reply), attend workshops, network, and try as many opportunities as possible, as you will never know where they will lead you. My experience at CSUDH has been incredible due to the opportunities I have as a result of networking and asking questions. I also want to tell fellow scholars that there is power in your voice. Mrs. Michelle Obama wrote in Becoming "If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's the power of using your voice,” so don't forget, your voice is needed in the world, to represent those who are voiceless and oppressed in their communities.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, my plan is to continue my education on to graduate school, and continue my clinical work in healthcare. It is my dream to earn my master's degree and continue to earn my doctorate in a concentration of public health or health sciences. I love to learn, and I am committed to learning throughout my lifetime. I want to use my education to develop the skills needed to become an advanced researcher in my professional and academic career.

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