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Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

STEM Scholar

Name: Daniel Lopez
Graduation Term: Spring 2020
Major: Cellular & Molecular Biology with a Minor in Organic/Biochemistry
CSI3 Undergraduate Program: STEM Scholar
Hobbies: Working Out, Film Connoisseur, Foodie Adventurer, & Pop Culture Collector

What is your current status?
I am currently working full time at a company called Fulgent Genetics. At this lab, I am processing COVID test samples by extracting RNA, and amplifying the virus through RT-PCR to determine if a patient is covid negative or covid positive.

What do you enjoy the most about your current status?
I enjoy the group of people I get to work with, because not only are they my coworkers but they have become a close niche of people during this pandemic. you get to hear the different stories on how they acquired their degree, and how even though we went to different schools, we all had our ups and downs. Also, I get to purchase all the cool stuff I always wanted, but couldn't get when I was a student.

If you could give your junior/senior year self any words of advice what would you say?
I would tell my junior/senior to not be too hard on yourself. Everything that you are doing is working out, and to trust the process. It may be challenging, and your major will be difficult but the endgame will be a great turnout!

What has been one of the biggest lessons you have learned upon graduating?
This is an interesting question because when you're in high school they tell you college is the real world. Which has high truth to it, after you graduate you enter another level of the real world. In this new world, you must take initiative, learn about your surroundings, you are surrounded by a whole new realm of people with different personalities and different viewpoints in life. It's quite interesting and each day you learn new things.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
My intermediate family is my huge motivator in life. Everything I do is for my mom and sisters. I know when I need someone to talk to, I can always turn to them and share what is going on with my life. I know whatever I do they will always be proud of me.

Is there anyone from the CSI3 program you would like to thank or give a shout-out to?
There are so many people to give thanks to! First of all Noemi for being such a great, wonderful, and sweet individual. The staff that ran the STEM Scholar program, put together great sessions that were beneficial and extremely helpful to learn. Finally, the STEM Scholars Advisors, Dr. Chun and Dr. Kram! they saw a potential that I didn't know I had, and with their advice, they made me the biologist I am now today!

Updated 12/10/21

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