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Vanessa A. Hernandez

Vanessa A. Hernandez

April 2021

Vanessa A. Hernandez

Class Status: Junior

Major: Political Science

Campus Programs/Involvement: Transfer To Success (TTS)

Career Goal: My dream job is to work in the US Capital and become and advocate for immigrant civil rights. After graduation I plan to apply at local city council jobs to help me build up my experience.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my 3 year old daughter, but when I'm not doing that I am creating balloon decorations that I love to share with my family and friends.

How has the STEM Program helped you?
TTS has helped me by keeping me informed and on top of my educational path. With the help of my amazing TTS advisor, Grace Johnson, I have managed to create an educational plan that fits perfect with my busy lifestyle. I love being part of TTS because all my questions and concerns are an email/call away.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
This pandemic forced me to practice on my time management and when going through hardships I often find myself unmotivated and alone but I have definitely used my advising appointments as much as I can and have found comfort and motivation with the help of my advisor. Her leadership and enthusiasm is the occasional push I need to stay on top of my academics.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
My best advice would be to reach out, all the resources we need to succeed are offered in TTS. We may often think our question may be irrelevant but having clearance in the simplest situations helps us remain sane and informed.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plan after graduation is to enjoy my family more especially now that I will be having my son soon. I would love to find a job that my bachelors degree would contribute to greatly. I am open to pursuing my masters if the opportunity is available. Overall my educational journey has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs but I'm grateful for all the help and support I have received.

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