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Lukas J. Daniels

Lukas J. Daniels

February 2021

Lukas J. Daniels

Class Status: Transfer-Junior

Major: Anthropology/Sociology minor

Campus Programs/Involvement: I've been involved with the Queer Culture and Resource Center through virtual event planning and hosting. Outside of my involvement with TTS and CSI3, I am also involved with the SPSS Training Club and Anthropology Club.

Career Goal: My career goal is to conduct and apply Anthropological research to benefit queer and other minority communities.

Hobbies: My hobbies include gardening, baking, walking, and crafting. I'm currently trying to foster my hobby of crafts like ceramics, painting, and drawing, as they are all great stress relievers for me.

How has TTS helped you?
The TTS program has helped me by providing me with amazing connections and resources from across campus in an accessible manner. More so, the TTS program has helped me feel connected to campus and supported even though we are learning and networking virtually.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
Knowing that there is nothing I can't do for a minute is something that helps me stay focused and centered when I feel like everything is too hard. However, when that doesn't work a cuddle with my dogs never fails. :)

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
I would like to advise my fellow scholars that finding a way to connect with each other even though we are virtual is so important to our social well being. Also, while possibly cliché, creating or finding a designated workspace is invaluable in staying on top of the hectic semesters ahead and has helped me stay much more focused than I was during my first virtual semester.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school and pursue research. I am also interested in working as an academic advisor or non-profit outreach coordinator especially with Queer and/or disabled students.

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