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Cristian Noe Chavez

Cristian Noe Chavez

March 2021

Cristian Noe Chavez

Class Status: Junior (becoming a senior at the end of this semester)

Major: Psychology

Campus Programs/Involvement: TTS and California Promise Thru-in-Two

Career Goal: To become a flight captain.

Hobbies: Playing and watching soccer, biking, outdoor activities, and video games.

How has TTS helped you?
TTS has helped me transition from community college to university. The program advisers (specifically Tiffany Island) have helped me feel comfortable in a university setting by answering all of my questions and providing me with all the information I need to be successful. Knowing that I have an accessible program advisor with the program gives me peace of mind so I can focus all my efforts on doing my best in class. The hard work I'm putting in will pay off and it feels great to know that I have resources to connect me to possible internships or potential careers when I'm ready to take that step.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
What keeps me motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships is my appreciation for life and my family. I have a huge family. I'm the oldest of them so I have a lot of cousins who look up to me and I want to make them proud. Especially my parents whose sacrifices have put me in this position in which I can reach my dreams if I work for it. I almost lost my life in 2014 due to a tragic accident, but I didn’t. I am very fortunate to be alive, so I’m taking full advantage of this second chance at life I received by completing every goal I set out for myself. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so my idea is that if I want to accomplish something, I need to work for it now.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
My advice to my fellow scholars is to take pride in your work. Anything and everything that you do, put your best effort in. Don’t stop moving forward even when things get rough.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plan after graduation is to join an aviation academy and earn my commercial pilot license.

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