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Angel Zarate

Angel Zarate

March 2021

Angel Zarate

Class Status: Senior

Major: Physics: General Physics

Campus Programs/Involvement: STEM Scholars Program

Career Goal: To work for an aerospace company as an electrical engineer.

Hobbies: Reading about space/rockets, stargazing and finding the perfect sunset.

How has the STEM Program helped you?
The STEM Program has helped me by guiding me through all four years of my college career serving as a main line of support throughout every hardship. They have provided me with all the resources necessary to succeed. They have provided me with a laptop, acquiring personal tutors, textbooks, and even having summer and winter programs for classes STEM Scholars need. They cleared the path so that I may walk with ease.

What keeps you motivated and positive throughout life’s hardships?
Throughout life’s hardships I just keep telling myself to push forward because you are closer to the finish line than you were the day before every day. The things that keep me positive and motivated is the continuous motivation from my family and friends. Lastly, I have dreams and will not stop until I reach them, negativity is a waste of time. It is simply unacceptable.

What advice would you like to give to your fellow scholars?
To my fellow scholars I would like to say life is hard, but there is always someone who has it worse, we all have a purpose: find what you love and hold onto it tight. Be happy, don’t worry and the universe wants you to succeed. Just know that every struggle only makes you stronger, like a caterpillar in a cocoon, held down by a shell only to break out a beautiful butterfly.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation I plan on working for an aerospace company (most likely SpaceX) because I believe the future is in space.

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